Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter/Spring Decorations

Source? Does anyone know where this is from?

Welcome to the entryway into my home! 
For Easter/beginning of Spring this is what you are greeted with as you enter my front door.  My black mirror and side table always stays where it is but I like to change things up with each new season or holiday.  I framed the printable from (please help, I can't find out where I downloaded this printable from and I want to give proper credit!) in a black frame and then matted it with a white mat.  Under the mat and around the print, I added a yellow ribbon to add a little bit more to the frame.  Then I took a regular mason jar (I have a ton of these laying around) and removed the lid portion but kept the screw part of the lid (not sure what it is called).  With my trusty scissors, I went in search of fresh flowers to cut.  I ended up cutting a bunch of my daffodils and just popping them in the jar with some water. 

 Lastly, I added a yellow and white polka-dotted ribbon to the neck of the jar.

Here are some more photos for you to enjoy!  What have you done to your house for Easter/Spring?  Also please help, I am unsure of where I downloaded the printable from and would love to leave a link and proper credit.  Thank you!


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