About Me

Let me tell you a little bit about myself! I am a full-time mom (how can you not be) and a part time second grade teacher. 
Yep! That's me, Katania!  I absolutely love the beach, scrapbooking (just a tiny bit behind...), my Cricut, photography, FREE printables, creating something beautiful, decorating my home, and of course the two men in my life! I have been married to a wonderful man for over 5 years and together for more than 9 years!  We survived a two year long distance relationship while I attended college in NH (Go KEENE STATE), 3 months of USMC bootcamp,
3 months of USMC SOI training (yes, he's a grunt!), and a deployment to Fallujah in 2005-2006. 
Since then our life took off with buying a new car, a new house, and then came our little man in 2009!
I know I am very blessed to have my husband home safe and sound and to have a happy (sometimes crazy) and healthy two year old! 

So this blog will be a tribute to all the soldiers and Marines fighting out there and their families who pray daily for their safe return.  I pray for you and totally understand!

But anyways... I hope to share with you my crafty ideas, photography, and whatever else happens to find it's way in here in hopes of inspiring someone else to make life beautiful or messy or just plain silly!  Stick around as I try my hand at printables, redecorating, and anything that I find online that I just know I can make myself.  Here's to some success and a whole lotta mess!