Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Goodie Bags

Tag source:
When I spotted these tags from, I just had to create something with them.  Usually when I attend a holiday party with my family, I always try to bring a little something special for the children.  This is a relatively easy feat since there are only four children within my immediate family.  This year I decided to create little goodie bags. 

I started out making some Rice Krispie treats.  Check out my post about the treats HERE

Then I added a green plastic egg (it has to match the tag, right?) with some more candy inside.  Lastly, I popped in some individual bags of mini M&Ms.  The kids love the little goodie bags and my little man had a ball handing them out.  I'll leave you with some more pictures of the goodies and a quick thank you to Nothing But Country for her fantastic printable.  Check her out HERE for your very own tags :)


P.S. Don't mind my obsessive need to photograph objects in all different ways and then post each one.  I am just having fun playing with my camera and trying to get the right look to the photo :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

{Friday Favorites} Teacher Appreciation Crafts

Welcome to the first issue of
{Friday Favorites}

Since Teacher Appreciation week is May 2nd to the 6th along with the fact that I am a Second Grade Teacher, I felt it was only appropriate to start this issue off with Teacher Appreciation Crafts.  I will be linking up some fabulous crafts/printables/ideas here from the many blogs I follow.  On a more personal note, if you have a child in school, please take the time to send in a little thank you note to your child's teacher.  Trust me, a beautifully written thank you note is always appreciated and in many cases kept only to be pulled out during those days when it has rained for two weeks straight, a holiday is coming up, and the moon is full!  Those teachers out there know what I am talking about :)

Without further adieu... Let me introduce you to some fantastic Teacher Appreciation Ideas! 

I absolutely love this card especially the place for the gift card.  Yes, most teachers do love their coffee!

I plan on giving this out to my teacher friends at the beginning of next year as a welcome back gift complete with the clipboard.  Maybe use a little Mod Podge, add some ribbon and then voila!

I love that you can personalize the print with the teacher's name :)

Come on... what teacher doesn't love candy and cute cookies!

This print is so versatile because you could use it as a card or a tag for a bag.  I love the polka-dots and the simple print.

I would definitely never say no to more pencils.  Seriously, I really think my students eat them:)

More candy and a cute little saying, enough said!

The Happy Scraps - Pencil Bouquet
A pencil bouquet with adorable flower toppers, so stinkin' cute!

I know it's not really a teacher appreciation gift but I know that anything that keeps me organized is always helpful and appreciated.

I want to send a huge thank you to all the creative people out there creating some fantastic crafts/printables/etc and for appreciating your child's teacher!

~If you would like your idea/printable to be featured for this issue of Teacher Appreciation please leave a comment linking to your blog and I will add you to my post asap.

~Also I am looking for a FREE download for Keep Calm and Teach on.  Does anyone know if this is available?  If you have made one please leave a comment so I can add you to my post.

Thank you!

Rice Krispie Egg Treats

YUM!  I absolutely love Rice Krispie treats!  I don't really like marshmallows and I definitely don't love Rice Krispies but once you mix them together, well let's just say I don't make them often in my house :).  However, after watching too many commercials showing the treats with the secret stash inside (M&Ms) I decided this was what I was planning to make for the kids on Easter.  Off to the computer I went to get the recipe and was totally psyched when I found this website.

They have every recipe using Rice Krispies and they include directions and the nutritional information! (Wahoo, for all those WW fans, by the way one egg is 5 points). 

Here is the recipe I used to create the

A side note: I used the regular sized plastic Easter eggs and was able to make many more than 12 eggs.  I also used Jelly beans inside because I could NOT find Easter M&Ms :( but they turned out just as delicious :)

I arranged most of the eggs on my new treat tray from HOMEGOODS!  (Wahoo, another $10 find)  Then I added some Easter candy I had left over to complete the whole look. 
What do you think? 

YUM! Have you tried these eggs yet?


FREE Printable Dump Truck Thank You Note

As promised, I have changed, saved, and uploaded the dump truck thank you notes for your downloading pleasure.  There are a total of four downloads available: the front and three different saying on the inside. 

Of course, you could always just download the front and write whatever you want inside as well.  Please note that each file is separate because of how you need to print these cards out. 

Here are the easy directions (without changing your printer settings) to get your card to print on both sides of the paper.

Step 1: Download all four free printables HERE!
Step 2: Open the file named Dump Truck Thank You Front.
Step 3: Print file on the BEST setting on white 8.5 x 11 cardstock.
Step 4: After the paper dries for a bit, flip the paper 180 degrees and place it in your printer again (ex. The dump trucks will print out on the right, flip so the dump trucks are facing up and to the left)
Step 5: Open any of the files named Dump Truck Thank You Inside.
Step 6: Print file on the BEST setting on the same white cardstock.
Step 7: LET DRY and try not to touch the ink to avoid smudging.
Step 8: Fold the cardstock in half (hotdog style) and then cut the two cards apart.
Step 9: Fill in your information and stuff in an envelope.

Just a reminder: This card fits perfectly in the A2 style envelopes which are available at Staples.  They have every color imaginable!

If you download my thank you cards, I would really love it if you became a follower.  When I created the cards, it took quite a while and I went through many pieces of paper while trying to create an image I was happy with.  I appreciate any feedback about my work!
Thank you!


Please note:
The dump truck thank you notes are created by KT Designs. 
Please do not alter or sell my designs. 
For personal use only. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sneak Peek!

Happy Easter Pencil Toppers!
Come back later in the week for more photos and a complete tutorial on how to create pencil toppers using your Gypsy and Cricut Expression. 


Easter/Spring Decorations

Source? Does anyone know where this is from?

Welcome to the entryway into my home! 
For Easter/beginning of Spring this is what you are greeted with as you enter my front door.  My black mirror and side table always stays where it is but I like to change things up with each new season or holiday.  I framed the printable from (please help, I can't find out where I downloaded this printable from and I want to give proper credit!) in a black frame and then matted it with a white mat.  Under the mat and around the print, I added a yellow ribbon to add a little bit more to the frame.  Then I took a regular mason jar (I have a ton of these laying around) and removed the lid portion but kept the screw part of the lid (not sure what it is called).  With my trusty scissors, I went in search of fresh flowers to cut.  I ended up cutting a bunch of my daffodils and just popping them in the jar with some water. 

 Lastly, I added a yellow and white polka-dotted ribbon to the neck of the jar.

Here are some more photos for you to enjoy!  What have you done to your house for Easter/Spring?  Also please help, I am unsure of where I downloaded the printable from and would love to leave a link and proper credit.  Thank you!


A little late...

Happy Easter!
I know I am a few days late but things have been crazy around here since Saturday.  However, I still wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter!  I hope everyone's day was bright and cheery!  I also wanted an excuse to post pictures of my little man during his Easter Egg hunt. Sadly, since it was almost 80 degrees here, he never got to wear his adorable Easter vest. 
Next year I am buying him short sleeves!

Eating his favorite candies, M&Ms!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Birthday Series: Construction Party Part Five: Thank You Cards

So here is the final chapter of my Construction Birthday Series and just like all great parties, they always come to an end.  However, even after the party is finished, your job as a Mommy is to organize the gifts (always fun trying to remember who gave what, if you need help with that download my FREE GUEST LIST with a column for listing the gift) and send out thank you cards in a timely fashion.  Let me just tell you one thing, I can't wait until my little man can help out with the writing of the thank you notes.  Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful for all the gifts and well wishes from family members, but a little help goes a long way in my book.

So in trying to make things just a bit easier this year and pre-plan as much as possible, I created a selection of fill in the blank thank you cards.  Yes I know, fill in the blank cards are not as meaningful/sentimental/caring etc. but you know what, I still had to come up with the wording and type it all in so boohoo to anyone who frowns on my short cut!

I created the front page in Word by using the same background (polka dots) and dump truck as the tags for the goodie bags.  See below or click HERE for the whole goodie bag post.

I just adapted the design to fit within an A2 card.  I created two identical fronts on one page and then created the inside on another page in Word.  I had a few different insides based on the gift given.  For example, if the gift was a toy it said, "I can't wait to play with it" or if the gift was money it said, "it will buy me a new spring outfit" or if the gift was clothes, it said "I can't wait to wear it once the weather gets warmer" etc.  I even included some thank you cards for people who did not attend the party but sent a gift. 

I love the line that says "I had loads of fun and hope you did too!" and the line that says "I dig the _____________".  I just love how it ties in the whole theme of the party!

Almost forgot to tell you... When I printed the cards out, I printed the first page and then I had to turn the same paper upside down to have it print on the inside of the card.  I just used regular 8.5 x 11 card stock (bought at Walmart for $5.77 or something silly like that) and cut them in half and then folded them in half.  That way you have two cards on one piece of paper.  I picked up the A2 invitation envelopes at Staples in white but they have all different colors.  Lastly, to help make things just a little easier, I created return address labels for my little man.  How funny is it that my two year old has his own return labels :)

I apologize for the pictures because I had to remove all address information from the labels but you can get the idea at least.

Did you notice how the thank you card and the return address labels coordinate! 
I love it when that happens:)

And here's the bonus for you!  Sometime this week, by Friday at the latest, I will be offering you a download of my thank you cards complete with instructions.  Of course it will be fill in style without any customizing but free is free right?

Check back soon to find out how to get your free printables!


P.S. If you become a follower, you will know exactly when I post the free printables :)  lol just a thought and a hope and a prayer that maybe one day I might have a whole dump truck load of followers. :)  Yeah, just a little bit cheesy, sorry.

Friday, April 22, 2011


So I finally did it!  I signed up for my first 5K walk (3.1 miles).  Yes I know, it's a walk but I am definitely not a runner.  I started Weight Watchers right after Thanksgiving and have already lost 31 pounds with the new Points Plus Program.  I can't believe it has taken me so long to start a program in order to lose all the baby weight/"that looks yummy" weight but right now I am so close to my pre-pregnancy weight and it makes me so excited.  Hurray! 

Well, Weight Watchers started this Walk-It Challenge and it came about right around when I needed a little challenge to keep myself motivated.  So I signed up!

The Walk-It Challenge for Connecticut takes place on May 22nd in East Hartford, CT. 

If you are a Weight Watchers Member you can go HERE to sign up.  Just click on the get started link!
If you are not a Weight Watchers Member you can still walk just click HERE and then choose your state.
The Walk-It Challenge seems to be in located in many different states so you can still participate even if you are not in Connecticut. 

If you want to get started, download the training guide HERE.

If you are walking in the Walk-It Challenge please leave a comment so we can cheer each other on!  Leave your blog address and I will send some good luck wishes your way as well! 
Way to go walkers and Weight Watcher Members!  Keep up the great work!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am in LOVE...

Yes, you heard right, I am in LOVE!  I had completely forgotten about how fantastic Home Goods is and now I am so excited I can't wait to go back.  I have been looking and wanting a cake stand/cookie tray FOR EVER but there is always something wrong with each one I find whether it's the look of the stand or the price.  Well to my surprise I walked into Home Goods one afternoon and right away I spotted what I have been looking for all along.  Say HELLO to my new favorite!!!

Awww... how absolutely adorable is she?  I just love that I can take out the ribbon and add another color to coordinate with whatever I just happen to have on the plate.  I also love the stark white of the pedestal and plate. 

A little close up for you!  I love all the details of the slots of the ribbon and also how simple and fun the design is.  Now I have saved the best part for last.  Are you ready for this...

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!  This fantastic cake stand for only $10!!!  How could I not buy it.  Now I want to go back and get the two round ones I saw so I can stack them on top of each other for cupcakes or whatever strikes my fancy.  What can I say... I am in LOVE!