Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Goodie Bags

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When I spotted these tags from, I just had to create something with them.  Usually when I attend a holiday party with my family, I always try to bring a little something special for the children.  This is a relatively easy feat since there are only four children within my immediate family.  This year I decided to create little goodie bags. 

I started out making some Rice Krispie treats.  Check out my post about the treats HERE

Then I added a green plastic egg (it has to match the tag, right?) with some more candy inside.  Lastly, I popped in some individual bags of mini M&Ms.  The kids love the little goodie bags and my little man had a ball handing them out.  I'll leave you with some more pictures of the goodies and a quick thank you to Nothing But Country for her fantastic printable.  Check her out HERE for your very own tags :)


P.S. Don't mind my obsessive need to photograph objects in all different ways and then post each one.  I am just having fun playing with my camera and trying to get the right look to the photo :)

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