Thursday, April 14, 2011

BONUS Free Printable

Book Inventory

Here's another free printable for those teachers out there to help organize your books.  I plan on printing out a few of these and organizing my books by subject.  I then plan on stapling this inventory in the front of the folder that relates to the book's subject.  For example, every year I teach about entertaining beginnings for writing workshop.  I like to use published books to show examples of each type of entertaining beginning however, every year I forget which books I used and where I put them.  This year I wrote down each book title, author, and subject (i.e. Entertaining Beginnings: Sound) and then stapled it to my entertaining beginnings folder and Voila!  All organized for next years lesson :)  You could also fill this out at the beginning of the year and then double check that you still have all your books at the end of the year.

To download the book inventory, please click HERE!

Please note: This book inventory is created by KT Designs and is for personal use only.  Please do not sell any of my printables.  Thank you!

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