Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Birthday Series: Construction Party Part Four: Goodie Bags

Since my little man's birthday theme was construction I really tried to tie in everything around dump trucks, building, rocks, etc.  We had about 8 children attending the party.  Most were under five but there were about three kids that were definitely older.  Keeping that in mind, I created two types of goodie bags which related to age.  The first thing all the kids received when they arrived was a plastic hard hat with their name on it.  Many of the kids wore these throughout the party.  Here's my little man sporting his!

Break time!

Too cute! I especially like the fact that throughout all the pictures I took of my little man wearing the construction hat, it is always backwards!!!  Oh well.  Once each child left they were either given a large goodie bag (for age five and under) or a small goodie bag of candy (for the older kids).  Here's what was included in each.

Supplies for large goodie bag:
Construction Countdown book
Small dump truck
Homemade edible play dough
Gift bag with thank you and name tag

Since I am a teacher, I am so thankful to have access to Scholastic book orders so I was able to order enough Construction Countdown books for each of the goodie bags.  I would imagine you could order them online somewhere as well.  I found the small dump truck at Target in their outdoor seasonal section with the pails and shovels.  I also picked up the cement mixer and bulldozer.  I made the edible play dough using this drink mix-aid play dough recipe.  It is super easy and fun to make.  It also lasts 6 months in a Tupperware container.  (Note: even though the website states it is edible, it is really, really salty so I would recommend monitoring your little one if they are prone to eating things.  Yes... I did try the play dough just to be sure of the safety of it all!)  Lastly, I picked up the bags at Walmart and printed out the thank you tags I created using Word. 

The tag says:
Thank you for coming to my party!
I hope you had loads of fun!

Here are a few more photos of the goodie bags!

As for the older kids, I knew they would not be interested in baby toys, baby books, and play dough so I went to the local candy shop and picked up some rock candy.  Be prepared to spend a little money because rock candy is very heavy and my local shop sold it for $10.99/lb.  I definitely have to say that it was worth every penny because rock candy is just delicious :)  I also used the same tag found on the yellow bag but in a smaller size.  Here's a close up picture.

Now doesn't that just look yummy!

If you have any questions about my goodie bags feel free to leave a comment and I will hopefully be able to answer them.


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