Summer To Do List: Crafts

Here is my summer to do list of all the crafts I want to complete before I head back to school in the Fall.  As I complete a project I will cross it off my list and link back to the post showcasing photos of my new finished project.  Enjoy!!!

Welcome to Katania's Summer To Do List: Crafts

1. Last Name Est. Frame
I have seen many of these frames on the Internet and absolutely LOVE them.  I also told a dear friend of mine about it and she created this beautiful frame as a wedding gift.  Isn't it fantastic!  She did such a great job and I know the recipients of this gift truly were touched by her meaningful gift.

I absolutely love it and can't wait to make one for myself.  If you are interesting in making one definitely check out the following blogs and websites for more examples and all the photos!


Source: Full Of Great Ideas


Source: Under The Table and Dreaming

Source for all letter pictures:
Leo Reynolds

2. Ruffled Camera Strap
I know they sell these decorative straps on etsy but I figured with all the tutorials out there that I could make a custom one for my camera.  Check out the following two links for two great tutorials.

Source: Originate and Renovate

Source: Nursery Rhymes and Sweet Times

3. Curtains for my new craft/computer room
Completed: Click HERE to see post!
I found some beautiful shabby chic looking fabric from Wal-Mart and can't wait to see how they turn out.

4. Iron-on transfers for little man's toy bins
I bought a fantastic organizer from Ikea with 8 sections for bins.  I also bought the 8 black fabric bins to put inside.  Now I need to create labels for each bin so we know where the toys go and what's inside of each bin without pulling them out.  I like the flocked iron-on transfer paper from Silhouette but I own a Cricut.  Has anyone used Silhouette vinyl/transfer paper in a Cricut?

5. Ring with Lucite Flower Cabochon
Completed: Click HERE to see post!
I have seen these gorgeous rings all over etsy and absolutely love them.  I was going to buy a few but then realized I could buy the supplies and make some of my own!!!
This is one of my favorites!
Source: Silver Lotus Designs

6. Lightning Bug Jar
Yet another fantastic idea, one of those "I should of thought of that" moments.  I fell in love with a picture with blue, purple and green glow in the dark paint, however, Michael's only had green, yellow, and orange.  Check out the two versions below.  My little man is going to love it!!!

Source: Kristy Makes

7. Pom Pom Tissue Paper Flowers
Completed: Click HERE to see post!
Yes, they are super cheap and super easy but I just love them and want to make some for the corner of my craft/computer room.  Since the walls are blue and the fabric I picked up has some pink in it I want to make blue, pink, and white ones.