Sunday, April 10, 2011

Birthday Series: Construction Birthday Part Two: Decorations

Birthday Balloon Wreath

Welcome to Part Two of the Birthday Series! I have many photos of some of the decorations I put up for my little man's second birthday.  Sadly, I ran out of time to finish taking pictures because some family members showed up 30 minutes early! UGH! Usually everyone in my family is late :)  But anyways...

I created this adorable balloon wreath with the great tutorial over at How Does She?  Seriously, check out this website when you are done reading because they have some great ideas :)  The only thing I did differently is to use a foam wreath frame rather than the straw wreath.  I always try to use what I have on hand and I had recently taken apart Baby's R diaper wreath (yeah I know a little late but who cares it looked so cute on his door). So guest were greeted at out door with this lovely wreath just to set the tone of a hoppin' party inside.

I used red, white, light blue, and dark blue balloons that I found at Walmart and the greening pin packs.  I also added some loops of left over ribbon I had.  
 Note: Your fingers will kill you for the next couple of days after pushing in pin after pin.  Also be very careful with any pins that make their way out the side because they are very sharp.

Free Printable Happy Birthday Sign
This is my first attempt at making a printable since at the time I couldn't find anything online for birthdays. 
Once again... I am still learning :)  I had three frames on our table as family members came in.  One frame held the invitation, another a current picture of the little man, and I framed this printable in a large black frame with a double mat from Michaels.
If you are interested in the FREE printable for any of your birthday needs you can download it HERE
I would love to here what you think :)

Happy Birthday Banner

Cartridges used:
Birthday Bash
Boys Will Be Boys
I used lots of laying for both the banner and the letters and pop dotted almost everything.  I also added three small red rhinestones to each corner.

I still have some more photos of decorations so stay tuned for Part Two and a Half tomorrow :)



  1. Very fun and I just happen to know someone with a birthday coming up! :-) Thanks for sharing! I appreciate your generosity!

  2. Hi! I was looking for innovative invitations which I can use to start up my own Party/Events Management Business. I was really blessed to see your creations. I haven't started yet cause I am still saving up. However, the invitations were amazing and I do want to use the butterfly idea to my God daughter's Christening if it's ok... :) I enjoyed browsing you website!!! = Jien from Manila