Thursday, March 31, 2011

Am I the only one?

Am I the only Mommy who has a little boy who...

thinks nap time is playtime?

thinks his crib is a bounce house?

constantly runs around the house without slowing down and for no reason?

will run right into the couch causing his legs to fly up and his face to smoosh into the pillow?

has conversations with himself while playing in his crib, room, or watching tv?

barks like a dog (with the other two dogs) when anyone enters our home?

thinks it's funny to carry around Mommy's gardening shoe in his mouth (yes, yuck)?

is just plain silly day in and day out?

shares a mean face whenever you ask him to smile?

Am I the only one? 
Or is this craziness just normal toddler behavior?

Right now I am listening to Baby R bounce in his crib and carry on a conversation with who knows who.  He laughs, bounces, bangs on things, and makes silly noises all while supposed to be going to sleep!  I am definitely investing in a video monitor for our next child!  I can guarantee that all of his toys and blankets will be on the floor of his room when I go in to get him out.  Oh what fun!

Baby Room Shadow Boxes

After creating the shadow boxes for new babies, I decided that Baby R needed some decorations in his room.  So... since he absolutely loves animals I decided to make him some pop-dotted animal art.  Seriously, I use way TOO many pop dots in my daily crafting.  I replace my pop dots more often than my glue runner tape!!! I also used my favorite tool in the whole wide world, my cricut, and the Create a Critter cartridge.  Maybe some day I will write down the sizes and then I can share them with you, but until then the pics will have to do!

The giraffe (my fav)
The lion
The elephant

The Zebra

BUT...I also created a few more because I just can't get enough of the Create a Critter cartridge and well those animals are so darn cute!!!  Here's the underwater version I created.  I used clear plastic acetate sheets and little clear dot thingers (?) to make it look like water and bubbles floating up.

BUT... he he I wasn't done because I just had to make a girly version of the set so I created the insect set which is my fav but wouldn't really work in Baby R's room nor would my husband let me hang them in there.
So, I get to share them with you!

I wish you could see the actual frames in person because then you can see all the dimension so much easier.  They really were very easy to make and very fun!  Some of these might go into my etsy shop as soon as I open it.  I guess one thing at a time! I would love to hear what you think :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Baby Shadow Boxes

Since Baby R has wrapped his little hands around absolutely everything I do and think about, I decided to make shadow boxes for new babies.  I guess I was really looking for something adorable to hang on the wall that shared all the special information about Baby R's birth! Well let me introduce you to my favorite tool in the world!

My Cricut Expression!
So yes! I am in love... in love with a machine that will do my every wish without a second thought!  I just plug in a cartridge or my gypsy and then press cut and out pops a perfectly cut item of my choosing!  With the help of my Cricut and the New Arrivals cartridge I was cutting away to create my adorable shadow box.  Well since I own such cute paper in both boy and girl prints.  I just had to make three different designs.

The little girl version!

The little boy version!


I have already sold one of these to a friend of mine for a baby shower gift and I hope to make more and eventually open up an etsy shop.  BUT... until then let me know what you think:)


Just a quick hello...

After following many, many, many blogs and ohhing and ahhing over each one I finally decided to create one for all my crafty/crazy/maybe cool? ideas! But before we get to the ohhing and ahhing (fingers crossed) let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I am a full-time mom (how can you not be) and a part time second grade teacher. 
Yep! That's me, Katania!  I absolutely love the beach, scrapbooking (just a tiny bit behind...), photography, FREE printables, creating something beautiful, decorating my home, and of course the two men in my life! I have been married to a wonderful man for over 5 years and together for more than 9 years!  We survived a two year long distance relationship while I attended college in NH (Go KEENE STATE), 3 months of USMC bootcamp,
3 months of USMC SOI training (yes, he's a grunt!), and a deployment to Fallujah in 2005-2006. 
Since then our life took off with buying a new car, a new house, and then came our little man in 2009!
I know I am very blessed to have my husband home safe and sound and to have a happy (sometimes crazy) and healthy two year old!  So this blog will be a tribute to all the soldiers fighting out there and their families who pray daily for their safe return.  I pray for you and totally understand!

But anyways... I hope to share with you my crafty ideas, photography, and whatever else happens to find it's way in here in hopes of inspiring someone else to make life beautiful or messy or just plain silly!  Stick around as I try my hand at printables, redecorating, and anything that I find online that I just know I can make myself.  Here's to some success and a whole lotta mess!