Thursday, March 31, 2011

Am I the only one?

Am I the only Mommy who has a little boy who...

thinks nap time is playtime?

thinks his crib is a bounce house?

constantly runs around the house without slowing down and for no reason?

will run right into the couch causing his legs to fly up and his face to smoosh into the pillow?

has conversations with himself while playing in his crib, room, or watching tv?

barks like a dog (with the other two dogs) when anyone enters our home?

thinks it's funny to carry around Mommy's gardening shoe in his mouth (yes, yuck)?

is just plain silly day in and day out?

shares a mean face whenever you ask him to smile?

Am I the only one? 
Or is this craziness just normal toddler behavior?

Right now I am listening to Baby R bounce in his crib and carry on a conversation with who knows who.  He laughs, bounces, bangs on things, and makes silly noises all while supposed to be going to sleep!  I am definitely investing in a video monitor for our next child!  I can guarantee that all of his toys and blankets will be on the floor of his room when I go in to get him out.  Oh what fun!

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