Monday, August 15, 2011

Renovations {Craft Room} Part Two

I am so excited because I took a bunch of pictures of my new craft room and it is soooooooo close to being finished!!!  To see part one of the renovations click HERE!  My husband and I have been working so hard to finish this room during nap times and when my mom is over to watch the little man.  My mom has definitely done more than her fair share of helping as well!!!  Thanks to my very talented father (he actually built my parent's house prior to meeting my mom) we were able to cut and hang most of the crown molding.  Let me just tell you this, I really, really, really, want to own a nail gun.  What a difference this thing makes!  So without further adieu here are some more pictures of the craft room.  Once again the blue paint is Frosty from Valspar and the tan color is Desert Fortress from Valspar.

Notice my pom pom flower in the corner.  Click HERE to see the post!
Love, love, love crown molding!

We covered the cement foundation with wainscoting and created a shelf on top.

Another view of the covered foundation.  Doesn't it look gorgeous!!!

Don't mind the cable cord, I still need to buy a new plate in white!

This is the little alcove by the back door.  The door will be painted white and the thermostat will actually be attached to the wall.  You can also see the stone work for around our wood stove.  Not my favorite and definitely not what I would have picked but oh well!

This side is still unfinished, we ran out of crown molding.

View of the color of the wall.  It really looks like a sand color.

Obviously my room is still a work in progress but it looks soooooooo much better than it did when we bought the house.  I am so pleased with how it looks and I am so excited about finishing it.  Then its decorating time!!!
What do you think so far?


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