Friday, July 29, 2011

Renovations {Craftroom}

I am soooooooooo excited because my new computer/craft room is almost finished being renovated!  My husband and I have been working downstairs to update and change the 70s wood paneling and dingy wallpaper into a more cozy and bright living space.  Originally we planned to use the downstairs as a family room/play room but realized the two flights of stairs and wood stove would not make a safe play area. So we decided to use the area for our computer room and make our current computer room upstairs into a playroom for my little man. Right now half the room needs one more coat of paint on the trim and then I can clean and start moving things downstairs.  I wanted to show you some before pictures to share the horror of the GREEN wood paneling. YUCK!!!
I was only able to take one picture of the wood paneling because I forgot and by the time I remembered there was only one section left.  Let me just tell you, I was not at all sad to see it go!!!
Here are some of our between pictures where we ripped down all the wood paneling and sheetrock with wallpaper and started putting up new sheetrock.

We live in a raised ranch so our downstairs really is partially underground.  You can see the foundation in the second and third pictures.  I decided to make even the foundation look pretty by covering it with some wainscoting and creating a shelf on the top.

Lastly, I wanted to have a light and bright room so I picked out some colors that reminded me of the ocean.  I absolutely love this blue.  It's from Valspar and is called Frosty!

The other walls are painted a sand color.  I am so pleased with how everything is turning out and I can't wait to share it with you.  I hope to have some more pictures up soon of the completed room as soon as I can finish the last coat of paint! 
I can't wait to decorate and spend my time downstairs being creative!

What do you think of my room so far?


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