Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just a little crazy around here...

Schooooooools out for summer!
Gotta love that song by Alice Cooper.  Totally a timeless end of the school year classic that all generations can love! he he :)

So I'm back from my completely stressed break from blogging and no I didn't take a vacation I just have been so busy lately with silly little things I haven't had the time or energy to post anything.  For you to totally understand let me tell you about my crazy whirl wind of a couple of weeks that all started right before school was let out. This is gonna be long, so find a comfy seat! 

#1. I started a tradition last year where I would burn slideshows of the pictures I took over the school year and send them home with my students as an end of the year gift.  Now last year was crazy trying to finish everything so I started early this year.  I was very pleased with my progress using iphoto and idvd until right until the very end when the program STOPPED WORKING! Yup, it would open, I could see my dvd menu, and then it would close!!! SO FRUSTRATING!  After many hours trying to fix it and them many  more hours talking with our technology friends, I was told I had to start over using imovie instead of iphoto. Ok, no problem.
#2. So, I uploaded all my photos, arranged them how I wanted them, added title pages, added a little note at the end, and finally added some cute music to play during the show.  I was totally psyched with the finished project.  So now I have to export it to idvd (which takes 45 minutes) and guess what...
it opened idvd and then CLOSED the window AGAIN!!!
So I spent some more time talking with our technology friends and realized that as a teacher I do not have the authority to use imovie and idvd! SERIOUSLY?!?!?! Apparently, in order to use the programs I needed to use a local login which everyone has access to which meant I had to create my movie from scratch
#3 So I started all over again and was able to create the dvds and burn all of them three days prior to the end of the year. End of drama number one!
#4 During the last week of school, my son thought it would be loads of fun to remove his diaper during nap time and paint with his poop all over the walls, furniture, carpet, and bedding.  This happened on Sunday, Monday(twice), Tuesday, and Thursday.  Then it happened again this past week on Wednesday and Friday!!!  So I have cleaned and scrubbed his room six times (my husband has done it once while I was working).  I have steamed cleaned his carpet twice within the past week which means my mom has to haul her cleaner over here so I can clean up the big mess.  Bless my mom because she really has been a huge help. 
#5 On top of all this, I have been trying to finish a bunch of orders I received at the end of the school year.  I had a order for note cards, 50 invitations, 30 invitations, and 6 orders for Fundations Word Walls.  I am also trying to spring/summer clean my house but it seems like whenever I get one project done, I have to start all over again.
 #6 Lastly, I am desperately trying to train for a 5k run which happens this coming Saturday (the 9th).  I was really proud of myself running on the treadmill and increasing my stamina/endurance, time and speed until I spoke with my sister.  She really means well but after I spoke to her about my training, she informed me that I should be running on the road because running on the treadmill is too easy.  WHAT?!?! I have been killing myself running on the treadmill because I run at night while the little man is asleep and she just tells me all my training isn't going to help me.  So now I am running at an incline and I am so scared to run this Saturday because I am worried I am not going to be able to complete the 3.1miles.  SO FRUSTRATING!!!!

Ok, deep breath.. 

So now most of my orders are complete and mailed out, we have a monitor in the little man's room which allows me to see him behaving badly, and I am just going to run the best I can for this Saturday.  I am going to take up the mantra of
"keep calm and carry on" 
and do my best.  Also I have so many things I want to share with you that I have been working on.  So stay tuned for some fun invitations and crafty things I plan on creating for the summer.  ~Katania

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