Sunday, July 10, 2011

5k Run Challenge: COMPLETED!!!

Me (middle) with my two running friends after the race!

Yes! I did it!!!
My goal of running a 5k has been completed!
I ran in the scorching heat yesterday (think 85 degrees and humid)for the Red Dress For Women 5K Run in West Hartford, CT. You can check out the main website HERE.  
My goal was to complete the 5k in less than 34 minutes, however, a few hills threw me for a loop plus the horrible heat (I was sweating so much I felt like I peed my pants) and I ended up finishing at 34.31 minutes.  I know you are thinking, "that's so slow", well I'm not a runner and with asthma, I am happy to run at all so this is a huge accomplishment for me. 
I am also soooooo proud of my two friends who encouraged me to sign up and have been so supportive throughout basically everything.  They did awesome and we had a great time enjoying the park and the atmosphere of the race.
Here's another close up of my gorgeous friends!!!

Can you believe the woman on the left is a grandma!!!

So now I am on to my next couple of goals...
1. Raise $500 to walk 26 miles for the Terry Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation in October.
2. Compete in the Run for the Cove 5k Run and beat my last time in October.
I am psyched and ready for anything!!!

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