Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shout out for Help/FYI

Well it's the calm before the storm here in CT and I am unsure as to how Hurricane Irene will affect us.  That being said, I am unsure if we will have power and access to the Internet.  If that is the case, I might be MIA for a little while but rest assured I will be back. 

Also, my usual posting schedule will probably change as well since I head back to school this coming week.  However, I hope to still post at least once a week to three times a week so I can share with you all my crafty fun.  Don't worry about my summer to do list because it's still summer even though schools are in session.  Let's see if I can complete the remaining items on my list!

Lastly, I need some help in the blogging department.  I created this blog in March of this year and have already used up the free space on Picasso Web Albums.  I don't mind buying more space but it might get a bit pricey considering it only took about 4 months to use up what I had.  Am I doing something wrong?  Are my files too big?  How do I change the size of my photos?  I appreciate any help you might be able to share with me.


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