Friday, August 19, 2011

Necklaces with Flower Cabochons

I addition to the 20 rings I made using some fabulous flower cabochons (click HERE and HERE to check them out), I also made two necklaces with much larger flowers.  The first one I made I used this gorgeous garnet rose which instantly reminded me of romance and Twilight (yes... sadly it's true I am a HUGE Twilight fan).  I attached a bail to the back of the flower and then added a black cord and silver clasp.

Here she is in all her glory!

You can't even deny it!  It is the epitome of all things romantic.

The second necklace I made I used a bright blue carnation and once again attached a bail to the back.  This time I used a ball chain necklace.  I really think it gives it a summery and beachy look.  I was actually excited to wear this the other day with a gray ruched tee and my favorite capris.  It worked perfectly together.

What do you think?


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