Saturday, September 10, 2011

{Pencil Toppers} School Days

Welcome to a new school year!
Well, school has officially started for me this past Tuesday.  Sadly, even though our summer was extended by a week (two canceled professional development days and three canceled school days) we now have five days added to the end of our school year and it's not even winter yet!  Though on the bright side, I was able to create some pencil toppers for my students.
You may remember my tutorial on how to make the pencil toppers that I created for my students around Easter.  If not, please click HERE to get the directions and step by step photos.

I used the same format using my Gypsy and Cricut but instead of Easter eggs I used an apple (duh... makes sense right?).  I also printed and cut out circles that say "Welcome to our class!" I could have used "Welcome to 2nd grade!" but I like the thought of the class as a team/family and felt that "our class" helped direct that message. 

Well here they are, minus the pencils (sadly, I did not have any number two pencils in my house) but you get the idea.  All you have to do is slide the pencil in through the bottom hole and out through the top hole which you can't see because of the flower but it's there, I promise :).  

What do you think?

I absolutely love how the colors just scream fall and the little sheer ribbon (though it was a pain to cut and tie on each one) really added to the overall affect.  Now I can tell you that some of my students don't care about these little craft projects but last year, I couldn't even tell you how many students kept and wanted to take home their pencil topper at the end of the year. 
It just warms my heart.



P.S. Please excuse my blurry photos, I am in the process of resizing them in order to save space in Picasso however, at this time it is kinda trial and error.  If you have any tips or tricks, I would love it if you sent me a comment! Thanks!

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