Sunday, September 11, 2011

I remember

I remember...
I remember where I was that fateful day when so many innocent people lost their lives.
I remember I was in college, in New Hampshire, 150 miles and two hours away from my family.
I remember leaving my morning class and cutting through the student center. 
I remember looking up at the TV in the student center and shaking my head thinking it is unbelievable that a plane crashed (at this point I did not know what had really happened).
I remember walking into my dorm and hearing someone crying and talking about a plane crashing into the world trade center.
I remember stopping and asking her what she was talking about.
I remember the sheer panic I felt and how scared I was of what was happening.
I remember turning the TV on in my room and waiting for my roommate to wake up.
I remember the tears that poured down my face as I watched the buildings come crashing down.
I remember all the tears I shed for each of the lives that was lost and for the families left behind.

I will never forget...
I will never forget how that fateful day changed my life and the life of so many people.
I will never forget the images from that day.
I will never forget the faces and names of those who died.

As we look back 10 years ago, I realize it really only seems like yesterday.  I don't know how to begin to express my sympathy to those who lost someone that day but I know I still cry (hysterically) every time they read a name, or post a picture, or share a story.  I am grateful for the many heroes that helped to save as many lives as they could.  I am blessed to have my family safe and sound.

I saw this picture of a father kneeling before his son's name and it broke my heart.  The picture shows how much pain he's in and I could never image what it must be like to lose someone like that.


I know I am lucky to say no one I knew was killed that day but that doesn't mean it didn't touch me or my family.  I mourn with those who lost someone and cry as another flag is folded for a soldier or Marine.  Because of that dreadful act on 9/11 my husband spent a year in Fallujah, fighting and surviving each and everyday, which changed him dramatically.  Because of that day, I live my life differently, always thinking what if and always trying to be prepare for disaster. 

I realize we all should live our lives as if it might be our last.  We should love more, fight less, hold on a little longer, share the joy with those we love, and always be thankful.

I remember and I will never forget.


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