Saturday, September 17, 2011

Great News!

Okay, I have some fantastic news to share with you. 
However, it is not the news I was referring to in my last post. 
This is something different, something BIG, something I am totally excited about and something that means more crafty goodness for your viewing pleasure!!!

My sister, my BABY sister, is pregnant (yes I have already shared this) BUT the best news is...


So in honor of this new little one coming sometime in February, I decided to write this post all in pink!!!  I am so excited because there is nothing sweeter than a little girl.  I am so excited to shop for little frilly dresses and bows and little shoes and well you get the picture.  I am so excited to make these little Mary Jane shoes I just purchased the pattern for.  Also, now I can start planning her baby shower!!!  Let me just tell you how many ideas I have for a little girl shower.  SO EXCITED!!!


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