Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween Banner

Happy Halloween... just a little bit late :)
Halloween was definitely down played where I live because of the snow storm (6 inches of snow to be exact) we received two days prior which knocked out many power lines and trees.  Thankfully, we still maintained our power but unfortunately many people did not which made trick or treating a bit dangerous without street lights.  We did however lose many large tree branches on about five of our trees.  Some were much taller than our house and so heavy and large my hands would not fit around the branch.  However, we still managed to decorate for Halloween despite the snow (UGH, I still can't believe it).  
I printed out a few subway art printables for fall, brought out my decorations and made ghosts to hang from the trees with my little man.  Of course no holiday (can we really call it a holiday?) is complete without a banner.  So without further adieu, here she is...
I used Birthday Bash for the actual banner and Happy Hauntings for the letters.  The spiders are left over from my little man's sensory bucket (more on that later).

I am so happy with how it came out.  I love the letters and how they look like they are dripping and of course you can't forget the glitter.  I am sure you are shocked that I used glitter and pop dots.  Never seen that before on this site, lol!
What do you think?


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