Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weekend Wedding In NH

My husband and I (my mom was sweet enough to watch the little man for the day) attended his half-brothers wedding this past weekend in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire.  It was about a four hour drive up there but nothing beats the absolutely stunning views of the White Mountains and the LUPINES!  I was taken back by all the gorgeous fields of purple, pink, and white lupines!  Apparently this past weekend was also the Lupine Festival in Sugar Hill.  The wedding venue was the Sunset Hill House and it was beautiful.  You can check out the place HERE.  Behind the inn, it overlooks the White Mountains and it is just breathtaking.  I apologize for my pictures, I did not bring my camera and had to settle for cell phone pictures.  Here are some surrounding views.

Sadly, it was very rainy in the morning but cleared up a bit for the wedding to be held outdoors even though it was only about 52 degrees!  Here are some pictures of the ceremony.  You can see the White Mountains in the background.  Isn't the bride stunning!

Then some dancing inside.

Then lastly, in front of the inn is a golf course but there is also a huge field of Lupines!

I definitely want to go up again next year for the whole weekend and just take some pictures and enjoy the festival.  If you get a chance to experience this make sure you take some pictures and have plenty of time to enjoy it!

Congratulations to Danny and Angelique! 
Best of luck in your new adventure as husband and wife!


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