Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Addition to my Chalkboard Pots

So I modified six Terracotta pots with chalkboard pot right below the top rim.  I also created a tutorial if you are interested, just click HERE!  Well after planting my herbs and looking at them for a while, I realized there was something missing.  So off to the store I went in search of inspiration.

Here's the before picture!
Not too bad!
Now for the after pictures!

OOPS! I should have removed the yellow basil leaf :)

All I added was some polished hemp twine I found at Walmart wrapped around the top rim and glued in place.  For the second pot, I braided three pieces of the twine and then tied and glued them right under the rim.  It was definitely an easy change and very simple but I like that the pots look finished now. 
A few more pictures...

I still have four more to do but I might think of something else to add.  Also I have been planning on an end of the year gift with chalkboard pots and herbs for my very special friend and co-worker who definitely helps my classroom run smoothly!
Only 7 more days until summer!
What do you have planned?


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