Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tot School - Planning

My little man will hopefully be attending Pre-K next year at the school I work at.  With that being said, I realized I should figure out a way to prepare him for what is expected of him next year in a classroom.  After doing some extensive research on the internet, I found a couple of great sites that offer FREE (yes, my favorite word) printable lessons/units to teach tots.  The first site I stumbled upon and I am so impressed with is
She calls each of her units mommy school rather than tot school but they are amazing.  She has a ton of fantastic printable units focusing on a letter, number, and shape or color.  I plan on teaching her "A is for Apple" unit starting next week and I am so excited to begin with my little man.  I know her units are meant to be taught within a 2 week time frame but I know with my work schedule and how many activities I plan on doing, it will definitely take us much longer.  I feel it is extremely important to help teach your child in any way possible and her units employ some great hands on learning, song and dance, as well as those traditional practice worksheets.  I can't wait to see the first activity go up on the fridge. 
Right now I am in the planning stage with hopes to start soon.  I am compiling information and buying supplies to excite my little one. For our first unit, we will start with exploring the letter A by completeing the projects below:
*making an "a" into an apple shape
*picking apples (construction paper apples) within our house or yard and sorting by color
*reading apple books
*coloring apples red, green, and yellow
*making apple sauce
*making apple scented playdough to cut out A's
*making thumb print apples
*making apple stained glass
*making finger paint trees with apples
*making apple prints
*apple parts labeling
*seeing if different types of apple float or sink
*apple tree math
*apple seed counting
*enjoying apple treats

I will be uploading pictures and activites as we complete them, as well as, any other ideas I stumble across or create.  I am sure I will figure out some way to use my Cricut to help supplement this apple unit.  I will also be sharing some other fantastic sites with you this week and next. 
 I can't wait to explore the letter A with my little man!
Happy Tot School!

      P.S. A HUGE thank you to Alison from Oopsey Daisy for all of her hard work, dedication and of course for providing free printables which are totally above and beyond anything I could have ever imaged.  Your packets are a life saver and a huge help!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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  1. Thank you for the shout-outs, Katania! You are so sweet! I hope you have so much fun with these Apples activities! :)