Saturday, March 24, 2012

March Madness!

Ok, so it's not the basketball March madness but there is a definite craziness around my house in March.
Starting with finishing my student's report cards, conferencing well into the evening, creating and making decorations/food/dessert for my little man's birthday, and of course, throwing the best birthday party ever!
I might be a little OCD, (but don't tell my husband) because I just have to have everything perfect just like I see it in my head. 
Does this cause me to have additional stress? Yes!
Does it cause problems in my household when something doesn't go right? HELL YES!
Do I still stay up late and stress even more just to finish something? Yes, always.
Does the party always look perfect to outsiders? Most definitely.
Is the party perfect to me? NO!
I always think that I should have done something differently, or added something or that I just didn't do enough.
Will my son ever know? Not at all, because all he cared about was having friends to play with.
Will I continue to stress myself over tiny details in the future? Sadly, I think the answer is yes.
I just can't help it especially if it is for my little man.

Do you find yourself doing this same thing or is it just me?

Can you believe this little man is 3?
Don't mind the crazy grin, he was eating some candy :)
Stay tuned for the Mickey Mouse Birthday Series!


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