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{Friday Favorites} Memorial Day Decorations

With Memorial Day right around the corner and the summer fast approaching I though it would be great to get in a {Friday Favorites} edition devoted to Memorial Day Decorations.

 Source: KT Designs
Of course this day is very near and dear to my heart mainly in part because of my husband but as well as all the other soldiers and Marines who have fought or who are currently fighting for our freedom.  My heart goes out to those families who are waiting patiently for their loved ones to come home safely and especially to those families who have lost their loved one.  It takes a very special person to sign up and fulfill the requirements of all the military branches.  Of course, it also takes a very strong family to hope and pray each day as they wait for any news from overseas.

I am extremely proud of my husband and his devotion to his country. 

Sadly, I can't seem to find any other pictures of my husband in his dress blues.  Yes... I am a sucker for a man in uniform.  This picture was taken right after his graduation from bootcamp.  He looks so young :)

If you have been following my blog from the very beginning you know my story or you can click HERE to read it.  My husband signed up for the Marines after we were together for a bit and we dealt with 3 months of not seeing each other or talking on the phone while he attended Marine Corps bootcamp.  Then he went through 3 more months of SOI training.  Then in 2005-2006, he made it through his almost year long deployment to Fallujah.  Though the day before they were scheduled to leave Iraq, one of his best friends in the Marine Corps was killed by a car bomb.  

Lance Cpl. Christopher Cosgrove

You can read about him on the Marine Corps News HERE. Thankfully my husband was never redeployed and he is currently out of the Marines.  However, I still cry whenever a fallen soldier or Marine is honored on the news, even if I don't know who they are.  It was also very emotional and moving for me when I visited Arlington Cemetary a couple of years ago. 

So I say thank you... to the soldiers and Marines who have fought, are fighting, or who have lost their lives because of war.  I extend my most sincere and deepest sympathy to the families who have lost their loved ones. 

With that said...
Welcome to {Friday Favorites}
Memorial Day Decorations

You've gotta check out these blogs and their absolutely awesome ideas for Memorial Day.

The next three photos are from this blog and she has many more fantastic ideas for decorating your home for the holiday.

Check out the adorable FREE Memorial Day Bash Invites. 
Too cute!

Usually, I am not drawn towards vintage charm but I actually love these cupcake toppers for Memorial Day with vintage posters.  These would also make a great addition to any centerpiece.

Tip Junkie has 31 activites, crafts, and decorations all in a neat little post for Memorial Day.  I am absolutely in love with the flag shirt and just wished I had a little girl to make one for.  Ruffles and my little man do not really go together.

Download a free printable template for these adorable pinwheels.  I am definitely making these for my home.

Merriment Designs
I love the idea of sparkless sparklers especially with a two year old.  It could definitely be adapted to fit any theme as well.

Check out the Holiday Snob for some free printables and fun ideas for a Memorial Day BBQ!

Now don't we all want to be just like Martha.  I absolutely love her style and creativity.  She has 38 fantastic ideas to decorate for Memorial Day which could always be reused again for Fourth of July!

 I absolutely love this beach themed Memorial Day table decorations.  They are right up my alley!  Plus I probably have all the supplies in my house (or in my son's sandbox)!
 These are made of cloth!
 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pinwheels!
Okay, I totally love white picket fences too!  I keep telling my husband we need to get a white picket fence and he just doesn't understand the appeal or the beauty of it.  Seriously, how can you not see that!

   Better Homes and Gardens
You can find 29 amazing ideas at this great site.  My goal is to have my photos look like the photos below.  Absolute picture envy!
 More pinwheels!
 Even more... told you I love them!
 Totally simple but absolutely perfect!
I LOVE this picture and want the blue vases and the peeling paint window so I can take some pictures myself.  LOVE IT!
I think I might just have to get some more pots and paint them red, white, and blue and add the geraniums, forget-me-nots and whatever the white flower is to them for this festive look!

Copy Cat Crafter
Here's a fun free printable for you!

Super cute tutorial on how to make Mini Firework Cupcakes


Here's a Free Flag Printable for you

I hope you have a fantastic Memorial Day with your friends and family.  Please take some time to remember all the soldiers and Marines who have fought for our freedom and who have died fighting and pray for the safe return of those who are currently fighting overseas.

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Semper Fi

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  1. Thank you for your sincere words of gratitude and for sharing. That is what I dreamed this linky party to be, a way for us to express our gratitude for the soldiers. My hubby is a Commander in the Navy, F18 fighter pilot, so I truly know your scarifice as a wife and his too.
    God bless your husband and family.

  2. A feature, how exciting! Thanks so much!
    ~*Jessica Lauren @

  3. What an awesome post. Thank you for featuring my mini firework cupcakes and the star spangled kabob treats.
    Have an AWESOME Holiday! Sheryl

  4. Thanks so much for featuring my sparkless sparklers made from a chopstick. Loving this round-up - it's getting me in the mood for the 4th. Very sorry to hear about your husband's friend, yet very glad that your husband is safe! Kathy